FISCHER Deutschland GmbH

Langenfeld, Germany

Welcome to FISCHER Deutschland GmbH

Since 1933, FISCHER Deutschland GmbH formerly PRECISE Technologies GmbH has been developing and distributing products under the FISCHER / PRECISE brand name. It offers a range of spindle solutions for tool and mould fabrication applications, the optical industry, the fields of medical and dental technology, as well as for the micro chipping and aviation sectors. Its core competences are components and fabricated elements with external diameters of up to 120 millimetres. FISCHER Deutschland specialises in spindles with integrated high-frequency motors using synchronous or asynchronous technology, and delivering speeds of up to 160,000 rotations per minute (rpm). PRECISE spindles are designed for high-precision fabrication with tolerances of less than a micrometre, and represent the ideal solution for precision milling, drilling, and grinding applications in which small spindles are indispensible.