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HSK-E20 Interface

The following benefits distinguish the hollow-shank taper HSK-E20 tool interface from the SK10 tool holder:

  • Axial locating face
  • Superb changeover and positioning accuracy during tool changes
  • Significantly improved concentricity over ISO 10 quick-release taper
  • Superior balance and vibration characteristics
  • Faster rotation, thanks to optimized bearings
  • High levels of static and dynamic stiffness

Tool Interface HSK-E25 in New Size

To meet the ever growing demand for compact and process-reliable high-frequency spindles – for micro chipping applications in dental and medical technology, as well as in the fabrication of moulds and tools – our experienced engineers have developed the SD4064 spindle.

  • Compact design, resulting in less weight
  • High-performance motor thanks to synchronous technology
  • Consistent torque from 500 rpm.
  • Motor feedback - SIN / COS sensor
  • Maximum motor mount rigidity
  • Highest possible concentricity <2µm
  • Flange adaptor upon customer request
  • Optional dilatation sensor