Compact Shaft Cooling

No precision without any thermal stability!

No precision without any thermal stability!

FISCHER Compact Shaft Cooling

The new CSC generation meets the demand for an extremely compact and thematically stable spindle system. A cooled tool interface and minimum axial shift of the spindle shaft guarantees results of the highest precision. Process cooling – without limitations to the chosen media – comes as standard with every spindle. Through constant innovation, established FISCHER shaft cooling has developed into a product that sets the standards for precision, cost-effectiveness, and technological advantage. The spindle concept has already proven itself many times over within the industrial environment, demonstrating to the international market its value as a dependable product for the manufacture of precision components.

The Compact Shaft Cooling (CSC) spindle achieves a stable temperature behavior substantially faster than conventional spindles, which results in for precision machining and a longer machine life. As a consequence, the customer can use a machine equipped with a CSC spindle for a far longer time for precision machining. Since the temperature variation due to speed change is mostly compensated, better results may be achieved and the percentage of rejects is reduced.

Shaft cooling offers the following advantages:

  • Cool HSK interface & tools
  • Up to 70% less axial expansion of tools
  • Ready faster, thanks to five times shorter saturation time for warm-up and cool-down
  • Precisely repeatable process cycles thanks to thermally stable process conditions
  • Higher overload capacity of the motor as the heat generated by the rotor is diverted
  • Fewer rejects thanks to repeatable precision


  • Less axial expansion
  • Thermal constancy
  • High repeat accuracy of the tool center point



  • Earlier readiness for operation due to short saturation times
  • Lower reject rate thanks to repeatable precision