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FISCHER has the Solution!

FISCHER has the Solution!


SmartSolutions for FISCHER spindles provide customers with comprehensive solutions within the sectors of frequency converters (SmartDrive: more torque, increased performance, reduced losses), spindle monitoring (SmartVision: load profile, spindle condition, service intervals), as well as process data logging (SmartEye: miniaturized design, data logging integrated within the spindle, data logging with battery back-up).


Ever-greater demands for available performance and torque made it inevitable that FISCHER would respond by embracing frequency converter technology. The result of this effort is the SmartDrive frequency converter system. With a modulation frequency of up to 40 kHz, available currents of up to 300 Aeff, and an integrated industrial PC, SmartDrive represents a milestone in the development of frequency conversion technology. The plug-in SmartDrive system allows you to access all relevant operational and status data relating to the spindle via a Bus interface.
Thanks to its monitoring capabilities and its ability to provide performance data at high rotational speeds, SmartDrive is the leading frequency converter for HSC and HPC applications. Performance losses as a result of the de-rating effect can be almost eliminated.

Furthermore, thanks to SmartDrive’s integrated industrial PC, it is also possible to integrate FISCHER’s SmartVision monitoring system.



SmartEye is a system for logging process data in a compact format. It acts as an aid for visualizing process data, helping to make it accessible for users.

Vibration measurements are generally used for:

• Monitoring the condition of spindles and mountings
• Identifying imbalance situations
• Process monitoring

To externally reduce interference factors that can affect signal quality, we recommend adapting the spindle vibration sensor according to the intended surface, or integrating it into the spindle. For this, Fischer AG uses tried and tested systems. Besides the sensor itself, the processing of signal data and the manner of evaluation also play significant roles in appraising vibrations. We would be delighted to assist you in finding the solution that is right for your particular application.