Spindle cooling

Ever shrinking tolerances and increasing performance requirements are constantly placing new demands on spindle cooling systems. Our engineers have been working tirelessly on new developments and evolution of our technology. The latest technology trends (laser sintering) combined with proven systems are decisive in adding value for our customers:

Maximum efficiency

  • Cooling systems for the most restricted of spaces
  • Compact cooler units as a result of efficient fluid lines
  • Cooling of all motor and shaft bearings

Machine integration

On its own, a spindle will not generate the desired production results. Along with a high-performance spindle, how it interacts with the machine is also decisive. This is why we place great importance on the integration of spindles into customer machinery. This is supported using the latest thermal imaging analysis technology, with the following factors representing the core of the process:

• Optimum connection to the machine/customer-specified interface
• Minimum thermal influence of the spindle on the machine
• No influence on spindle performance as a result of mechanical/thermal alterations to the machine


During the process of their development, we constantly optimize spindle cooling mechanisms using state-of-the-art CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) simulations. For this, the following simulation software is applied:

  • Unigraphics NX as a CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) system with integrated CFD simulation. Modern simulation environment for model preparation and execution, as well as for visualization of the results