"Ronny Stucki started at FISCHER AG as a prototype mechanic in the field of classic spindles and was quickly able to demonstrate his talent for solving challenging technical problems. He also enjoys tinkering with technical challenges in his private life and has already created many impressive parts with his Laser processing center. Just under a year and a half ago, he switched to air bearing assembly, where he helped to build the new air bearing spindle platforms and was able to make a significant contribution to their successful realization. Thanks to his creativity, his versatile skills, and his precise way of working, he quickly identified, tested and improved devices and spindle components. Ronny also helped to set up the air bearing laboratory, where the assembly and testing of air bearing spindles now takes place in a protected environment. Ronny has been a member of the technology team since this year and works on an interdisciplinary basis with engineering and production. "In the field of air bearing assembly, there are special requirements for accuracy, from the production of parts to assembly and spindle testing. The slightest contamination or inaccuracy determines whether the system works or not. This is of enormous importance in the development of complex systems." Dr. Elia Iseli, Team Leader Technology


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