How FISCHER USA overcame a challenge in the Covid pandemic.

The story of rapid and successful ventilator wave product development by a dedicated team at FISCHER USA, Inc.

For all of us, there are moments we remember “like it was yesterday“ - the COVID pandemic, for example. But opportunities also arise in situations like these.

In 2020, FISCHER USA was asked by a partner to manufacture a shaft for 40,000 ventilators. Within a short time, FISCHER USA not only designed a new product according to our motto "the perfect rotation", but also set up a new production process. Within three months the important products were delivered. Production is sustainable until this day, as FISCHER USA continues to manufacture additional shafts for ventilators. The solution of this task would not have been possible at that time if everyone had not put their heart and soul into it - many thanks to our great team in the USA!


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