FISCHER aims to diversify into other business areas. Therefore, the idea came up to develop a high-speed rotary optics for micro-drilling and precision cutting with ultra-short laser pulses.

Compared to the systems available on the market, the optics had to stand out in particular, due to a greatly increased rotational speed. Previous systems rotated at a maximum of 30,000 min-1 and are operated with grease-lubricated roller bearings. For material processing with ultrashort laser pulses, lasers with up to 10ps pulse frequency are currently used.

Soon after the start of the project, tests at 100'000min-1 were successfully carried out with a modified APL painting spindle. A spindle with aerodynamic bearings and an electric drive was designed. The EAL-10100 developed was able to meet the requirements and was successfully tested in the laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

The spindle was shown for the first time at the AMB in Stuttgart.


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