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"Every year in Shanghai, the peach blossoms bloom in spring. This year too, but all the people in Shanghai missed the blossoms. There were no peach blossoms and no sakura blossoms to be seen as everyone had to live in isolation at home because of Covid.

The epidemic in Shanghai started to spread in early March 2022. The number of infected people increased day by day and the epidemic prevention policy gradually became stricter. Shanghai has been in lockdown since 1st April, with orders to stay at home and not to go to public areas or leave the home. So the whole city of Shanghai was quiet for some time. There were no vehicles on the streets, no pedestrians on the pavements. At night, the pulsating metropolis was still brightly lit, but during the day it seemed as if time had stopped.

In the first weeks, the number of people quarantined was so large that some people were not well fed and there were even food shortages in some areas. The population still has to take virus tests almost daily to rule out infected people. Those infected have been quarantined in a specific location so as not to endanger the health of others.

On 1st June, the lockdown was officially ended in Shanghai

People in the epidemic-free areas resumed work and their lives gradually returned to normal. Since mid-March, most FSH staff have been working from home. In April, the entire industrial park was closed. Four colleagues were allowed to return to the company with a special permit at the beginning of May to continue their work. They had to work and live in the company for three unforgettable weeks.

Now most of the companies, shopping centres and restaurants have resumed their operations. Our employees also no longer have to sleep on the floor. After this memorable time, the FSH team is more familiar with each other." FSH Technical Manager, Xu Yang


"After more than two months of lockdown, the city of Shanghai is waking up. The sound of cars on the street has increased, the half-closed roll-up doors of small supermarkets have finally opened, customers in masks are queuing at the door and we are allowed to go back to work.

At first I was not used to working at home. Although I was familiar with my computer and keyboard, I felt uncomfortable. The difference between working at home and at work is huge. The problem with working from home is that all family members are at home. This has led to a significant increase in factors that affect work. On 1st June, the FSH team officially resumed work. We are back to familiar workspace and normal day-to-day operations." FSH Administration, Linda Jiang


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